Looking forward to the flight?

Taken last Sunday just after 10am. This is one of the aircraft used by Singapore Airline on the Manchester to Houston route. Average flight time is 9hrs 40mins. Family and friends can track the flight…..Google Flight Radar 24 and search for flight number SQ52.

Hopefully everyone has passed on the map showing our meeting point at the free drop off area on Sunday – 7am.


Not long now… and welcome to our Blog!

Good afternoon, and welcome to the NASA blog that Mr Roberts and myself will be adding to on a daily basis while we’re away. Hopefully this will give you a taste of the activities we will be doing, as well as allowing you to see that we’re all doing well. I’ve asked all the students to come and meet me on Friday lunchtime on the 8th so that we can give them a copy of the timetable we’ve been sent, and allow them to ask any final points before we go.