Japan – Day 2

Japan Day 2
Feeling slightly more energised than the previous day , we set off from the hotel to visit the Meiji Shinto shrine. Our guide explained to us how Shinto shrines were for happy occasions such as weddings and other celebrations.
As we walked through, we encountered a group of Japanese school children on a trip to the shrine. They were very friendly and we took plenty of photos together! In addition, we learned how to make a wish and ‘cleanse’ ourselves with water!
On our way to lunch, we had a brief visit to the famous Takashite street which is very popular with the youth of Tokyo due to its brightly coloured storefronts & uplifting atmosphere. To many parent’s delight, we were running behind schedule, so did not spend much money!
We had an amazing lunch Sakura-Tei and got to make our own Ononomiyaki ( a sort of omelette)
It was delicious!
Soon afterwards, we headed to the train station to travel to Hakone in the romancecar train . Our hotel is a traditional Japanese house and at dinner we wore kimonos and learned how to cook meat in the shabu shabu style. We then went back to our rooms to enjoy a relaxing cup of green tea and write this blog. Arigato!

We made it………

The trans-Atlantic flight went well and we were most impressed with Singapore Airlines. We landed on time at Houston but security was a bit slow. We’ve now got 20 very tired young people sat down for a Tex-Mex meal as the sun was setting. For us it was only 6pm (midnight for you) – yes that was a 19hr day!!!

Apologies for not getting everyone in the picture.