‘A Poem’ – Chi O Y8

Sharing emotions,
Dishing out parts of me,
Showing you apart of me,
It makes me feel
And it’s like the messy,
The pressy and stressy
That I guess he
Poured out of me,
Like Pepsi
Are tangled in knots.
Knots on a stage
That everyone’s watching.
Like I’m in a glass cage
or on an open page.
This isn’t a come-of-age,
Where the loving teenage
Tells the cool teenage
All the emotions that uncurl
In her heart, in her mind.
This is a different kind,
This makes me anxious,
Stressy and messy.
And unless he
Forgets me,
I’ll feel as if my heart’s on show,
A spot of grass in snow.
As if everyone’s running
But I stay put,
Like they wore shoes,
And i was the only barefoot.