‘A Pirate, A Merchant’ – Asma K, Y7

‘Sail ho! Another booty tonight with the yellow iron

Attack the ship and take with the bounty, ye rapscallion!’

A vulgar pirate glared at me, gold teeth glinting in the light

A grotesque scar upon his face; a doing of mine in that violent fight

Forcefully, I was taken from before I was here, my life before

Before I was a murderer, a hoarder, a burglar

Before I became a pirate and before I was not a free being

Before I lived under the punishment of being killed for fleeing


Twas a summer’s day, a gentle breeze

My ship Orion ploughing the blue with a laughable ease

A-swishing waves, a lullaby for the sea- faring

The open blue, the home for the most daring

Orion’s mast, proud and stout upon the high ocean wave

A tranquil beauty; seen to those who the ocean they brave

The goods are my heart, Orion is my spirit; this is my life as a merchant

Suddenly, yelling of the drunk in the silence, words incoherent


My heart skipped a beat; a ship had appeared against my Orion

A murderous hooligan; a pirate beside me, armed with a gun

A pistol in hand and a craving in his eye for violent fights

Other vulgar pirates searching for the valuable merchandise

‘Avast ye, look at the booty this bilge- sucking scallywag had apart!’

They pulled away my prized, and there went my heart

They sunk my ship and their went my spirit, along with Orion

From then on, I lived a life like a hard metal iron


For the rest of my life, I was a pirate, a bandit

A robber at sea without a heart or a spirit

My goods my Orion, gone forevermore

I always will remember that scene of gore

But today, I shall run away from my pirate life

A life of grief, a life of strife

I shall revive my ship and my goods, not apart

I shall revive my spirit and my heart

‘Mutiny’ – Kitty D, Y10

Miserably, the day plodded on as the grey clouds shrouded the heavens. The dim light of the dying sun buried itself below the horizon. The rain bled into the murky ocean solemnly, softly. At attention stood a band of ragged men on the splintered deck, their frayed garments toying with the wind. At their feet knelt three wretched creatures, with their limbs bound with coarse rope like animals. Their tired faces hidden in shame behind wiry hair matted with stale blood and fresh sweat. Once those eyes had been filled with the blaze of revolution, had shone with the light of glory; they now were glazed over like cheap glass, set deep in their aching skulls like marbles.

The waves beat a funeral march against the sides of the boat anticipating the bodies to come while ropes danced aimlessly overhead in the soft breeze. The men were made to stand, dragged to their feet barely keeping upright their starved bodies. The captain looked at the filthy criminals before him, spitting their final condemnation in their faces. These anarchists were never to see another haemorrhaging sunset, never again hear the cheek of the babbling wind, were not to live another day. This was the price for mutiny, and the pirates revelled in the sickly-sweet vindication of it.

Idly, the flag of a red skeleton twirled in the wind, awaiting the fate of these pitiful lost souls. Somewhere, tucked in wreaths of dusty clouds, the moon wept softly to itself while the steadily thickening rain mourned the inevitable fate of these once dashing young pirates. The men crumbled at the knees, casting them to the mercy of the callous criminals, who now spat in their broken faces. It seemed as if it were but a heartbeat ago that these traitors had challenged the power of their superiors, oh how the divinity of such a prospect felt now as they kissed the salty, rotten leather of the Captain’s boots.

A wickedly thick rope was tied around each of the captives, the crew’s choice of execution. This rope was tied under the boat and was to pull each man painfully under, dragging them across the scarred and barnacled belly of the ship, ripping the very skin from their bones. This was to be the vile end for these filthy traitors, and one by one they were to be thrown overboard like ragdolls, for their bodies to be lacerated, mutilated until their unrecognisable corpses drift to the surface of the bleeding waves.

Writing Competition – Pirates

We now have a new competition running and this time the theme is…



We’d love to see your perspective of pirates and what you can create with this theme!

You’re free to express yourself in any format, from poetry to prose to anything else you feel works best! We’re setting no limits for word count – your piece can be a quick minute’s read or long enough for you to narrate an entire story arc, the choice is yours!

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The deadline for this competition is Friday 14th June

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