‘Cinderella (modern version)’ – Arpita G, Year 7

Chapter 1

Once upon a time far far away……. in fact, the events took place in a time of computer technologies and hipsters, fast food and scientific breakthrough and poverty. Olivia is kind hearted, pretty and unbelievably amazing. But she is sure that only strong, merciless women can conquer the world. Olivia’s Step-mother and Step-sisters belong to the jet set, they are obsessed with their appearance, clothes and about having the right friends. It is the hypocritical and haughty elite; whose interests always are on the agenda.

Chapter 2

In the January annual “Charitable” masked ball was organised, by some promising, handsome young actor, who transformed his life into a reality show. Olivia had met him before and from then on, she started to love him. But she didn’t tell anyone about it though. His name was Mathew, Mathew Johnson. It was a huge event, where the already known family was going to visit, excluding Olivia. But she had her own plans and intentions and had firmly resolved on changing her life for the better at all costs. They had been invited! Having used the skills of hiding and slinking, which she acquired in a scout camp, Olivia stole the invitations, money and sleeping draught of her Step-mother. What for? Later, “Fairy Godmother” was the best shop of the carnival suits in the city. Olivia chose the most expensive, the most glamorous richly decorated dress.

“I will be the Queen of this night!!” she was certain about her triumph. And she was right as never before!

Chapter 3

Murmur of the crowd, photoflashes, all these you could find in the club “Castle.” Cameras surrounded the young actor, Mathew Charming. With a shining smile he was sharing his plans for the future with the public.

“Everyone knows everything about my life. As you know, I have not found my soul mate yet. Maybe this evening will change my life!”.

Olivia stood out against a background of the others. Their eyes met. Mathew decided immediately that she would be his wife. Such a beautiful woman would become splendid decoration for his reality show. She wanted only money and fame. They were tarred with the same brush. Later through the ball, Olivia and Mathew got married! And they lived happily ever after!

‘Into the Woods’ – Milli H

As the frost-tipped snowflakes fall down,
From the gloomy sky above,
The fairy grabs her frost crown,
from a nearby passing dove.

The frost sprites come to greet her,
as she comes down to the ground,
All the snow is in a blur,
not a human to be found.

Their hands outstretched,
the snow falls light,
a shimmering storm,
in the dead of night.

listen now,
Oh can you hear?
The fairy’s laugh,
So sharp and clear.

Now close your eyes,
my sleeping child,
for the fairy flies,
when dreams are wild.

‘Into the Woods’ – Laura L, Year 13

The trees of the forest shake their golden leaves
They have no fear of falling to the ground
And fairies wait to braid their wreaths
The pine cones they find lying all around

Within the twisted branches hide a show,
Of secrets humans cannot ever learn,
They must contend to write their tales of woe
Of creatures made of maple leaf and fern

Because fairies fear the humans too,
They hide until the moon comes out at night,
To sing and dance and drink the forest dew,
They chant their rhymes of magic and delight

Not till the morning sun comes do they hide
Until tomorrow night their time they bide


The trees had leaves so very green
I couldn’t believe what I had seen
Because they were so green and bright
They blocked out rays of the sunlight

For trees are made of lots of wood
They are quite hard to be understood
So into the woods I must go
Where will it end I do not know

‘Cinderella’ – Marusya B, Year 7

Well of course you’ve all heard the story,
Of a pumpkin, some magic and a little bit of gory…
A tale of the evil, the good and the bad,
And the tale of a good little prince (what an annoying little lad!)
But let’s look down the other way,
What Cindy must really repay,
For it was HER who stole her sisters’ invitations (really, does that girl have any patience?!)
Now lets list out the things she’s already done wrong,
She stole a prince, she went to the ball,
(really my list does go on for very long!)
But the moral of the story is,
Don’t look at the positive and miss out all this,
Lets leave at a close that Cinderella wasn’t right,
All she deserves,
Is to be banished in the night!

‘The Strange Old Wizard and His Wand of Silver’ – Kitty D, Year 10

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a wizard with his goblins in a small cottage. It was small and damp but it was the best they could do. The wizard was usually very grumpy, and the goblins worked for him day and night. The wizard dealt in magic potions, selling them hither and thither to anyone who might take a fancy to his strange potions and powders. You might think that because he sold such amazing magical things, he could afford an amazing castle with beautiful fountains and towers that stretched right up to the heavens. You would be right to think so, for this was true, however the wizard had been banished from his kingdom and left to rot in this dingy little cottage. Despite their misfortune the goblins still went about delivering the magic packages to all who wanted them and the wizard still concocted his magical creations. Every day the wizard would get up, make his favourite breakfast of frogspawn on toast, then set about making his magical potions to sell to all the land. Then at night, when the stars twinkled and the moon shone brightly, the goblins would go out to all of their loyal customers and deliver their packages and potions in exchange for gold, which they would take back to the wizard. One night however the goblins left with 10 potions and came back with only 9 pieces of gold! How could this happen? Where was the 10th piece of gold? When the goblins told the wizard he was furious! He waved his wand  in anger and shouted at the goblins, sending books and jars and stars and lizards and frogs and cauldrons and candles and hats and cloaks flying everywhere. This was just too bad. They needed to do something about this troublesome customer, and the wizard knew exactly what to do. The next day, after the wizard had made his potions, he made something very special for the goblins. It was a wand of silvery starlight and had a distant gleam of rubies and garnets, it had a wooden part, carved from the finest of oak and a case made of the softest leather. He told the goblins to go to the customer, and this device would have the magical power to instantly persuade them to give them the gold. So the goblins did what they were told and crept through the village to the house that had not paid the last night. They knocked in the door and a young man who they supposed was a carpenter came to the door. “give us our gold or we will bring out our special silver persuasion device, “ they said. The carpenter stopped and chuckled at the goblins “you fools,” he said snidely “you aren’t getting an ounce of my gold! I’m not giving it to you and what’s more is that I have hidden it, so you’ll never get your slimy fingers on any of it”. The goblins were displeased by this. How dare he take their potion and not pay for it! He was a thief! They grumbled and took out their sliver wand from its case. They swished it at the carpenter, just as the wizard had shown them.  He crumbled to the ground and magical streams of scarlet spurted out of him like beautiful birthday streamers. He had no time to speak before the streams descended into soft trickles of molten red. The silver wand had taken the carpenter away, he had paid for his terrible behaviour. The goblins finished their nightly rounds and trotted off back home to the wizard. He was very pleased with their work and gave each of them a goblin treat of sugared slugs. The wizard and goblins continued with their potion business and they all live happily ever after.

‘Winter’s Howl’ – Ruth R, Year 8

April walked around the park while the leaves twirled from the branch to the ground, each a colourful flag without strings or poles, free to roam. The breeze fluttered around, gently caressing her with fingers that had been a comfort to so many over their long, lonely years. She could hear the gentle hum of the blackbirds, while the aroma of cinnamon politely greeted her.

The yellow ball of fire changed to hues of orange, and then almost tangerine. It merged with the sky, like juice-mix dissolving in a glass of water. The clouds were cotton-candy, as though they blushed at the warm touch of the sun.

She reached the door, hidden behind ivy leaves which silently hissed at her, but hesitated. She knew what was behind that door. Ma never believed in them, she would tell her to be silent if she ever brought up the idea and yet here she was agreeing to meet him.

Her heart hammered in her chest while she felt her cheeks slightly burning. She knew it was dangerous, in fact her inner voice was screaming at her, telling her to not open the door but she knew she wouldn’t listen.

She thought about him, his name itself was beautiful, winter. He reminded her of the soft white blanket that brought her shivering with delight.

Oh what would ma say if she knew all about it! She would shout, lock her in her room and never look at her the same way she once had. She sighed.

It was time to see him. She opened the door to find the stars smiling at her. The galaxy was different here. She could feel the soft white sand tickling her toes while the crashing of the wind and the sea made her shudder. Then she saw him.

His coconut white and cloudy grey fur, which was short over her body yet longer at the neck, clung to his frame like a windbreaker in a gale. His coral blue eyes stared at her while he ran over to her and licked her. She smiled while he turned back in his human form.

My wolf prince.