‘Ce qui aurait pu être’ – Maia S H, Y8

3 matted ivy fences,
2 wistful turrets,
1 bitter-sweet memory flowing down,
Regardless of day or night,
Drenching me in the bitter-sweet rain of ce qui aurait pu être,
What could’ve been,
What could’ve been if only Alice hadn’t fallen down the rabbit hole,
If the secret garden hadn’t been so secret,
If the 7 dwarfs hadn’t met the 1 Snow White,
If only I wasn’t drenched in ce qui aurait pu être,
Surrounded by,
3 matted ivy fences,
2 wistful turrets,
And 1 bitter-sweet memory.

Competition Winners – Lockdown Showcase

Thank you for all your wonderful entries for the Lockdown Showcase. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you all got up to and loved the diversity of creative outlets: it was really hard to choose a winner!
The results are:

Winner – Emily R

Winner – Manni G

Runner up – Tanmaya V

Runner up – Yiyi P

Runner up – Ikshita S

Competition Entries – Especially When Wet

Thank you so much for all of your entries – we loved reading them! Check out everyone’s work below. 🙂

Abigail H, Year 7

Srihita K, Year 10

Raindrops stampeded down like bullets.

Ikshita S, Year 7

Feel the raindrops fall beautifully.

Manni G, Year 7

Raindrops always come after rain.

Maia S H, Year 8

It shrieked, drowning us.

Samhita K, Year 8

Jewelled gems drizzle from above.