Poetry Slam Success

The poetry slam which took place in the library today was a real success. It was a very uplifting experience and it went to prove again how exceedingly talented our pupils are. Lucy W walked away with first prize with Lydia FS a close second and Phoebe W third.

The event was expertly arranged and hosted by the 6th form English Society under the incredible tutelage of Miss Devlin. Our thanks go out to Mrs Russell, Mrs Malkin and Mr Barry, all of whom read extracts from texts that had particular resonance for them; Mr Barry going above and beyond by reading an original composition! Special thanks also to Mr England and Mrs Marler for judging the competition and to Mrs Hodgson for supporting the whole process.

Welcome Back to the Green Light Blog

We are asking you to write a short piece from the perspective of somebody else in a story. For example, how did Lavender Brown feel about the events of Harry Potter? What are the fairy tale villains really thinking?

You can email entries to thegreenlight@aggs.bfet.uk or bring them to Creative Writing Club, which is on Tuesday lunchtimes in F10. You can also email us with any questions!

The deadline is the 1st March (the first Friday back after half term)

There will be prizes for the winning entries! We look forward to reading your work