RUNNER UP: ‘Queen of Air and Darkness in Ty Blackthorn’s Perspective’ – Sofia B, Year 8

Start of the book:

From the chaos, I heard Livvy call my name.

“Ty? Ty, I…”

Whipping around, I watched her knees crumple beneath her. Dark, silken hair fanned out on the rowan floor. Blackthorn eyes stared glassy, unseeing. My twin. Livia Blackthorn. The girl who had been always for me. Now I must return the favour.

But I can’t.

Clutching my heart, I whispered her name as I fell into a pit of darkness, not knowing when or how I was going to escape.

Livia Blackthorn.

I am frozen in fear, paralysed, as I watch, again and again, the broken piece of metal being forced into Livvy. A sharp, metallic smell. Annabel Blackthorn smiling, wild with bloodthirst. Dark hair, blue eyes, never to be seen again.

I woke with a quiet exhale, pushing myself up against the wall. My own silver eyes met with shuttered aquamarine ones, hidden in the dark. Aquamarine. Said to be considered a symbol for faithfulness, courage and friendship.

“Jules?” I ask, knowing fully well who was there.

I watched him push himself upwards, absently running a hand through his fair hair.

“It’s me,” he said slowly, as if tasting each word carefully, “Kit.”

I study him cautiously for a few seconds. No signs that he had been crying. Kit had been dry-eyed when his father had been mercilessly ripped apart by Mantid demons.

Snapping out of my reverie, I watch my harried expression become blank in his eyes.

“My bag,” I demanded, my voice raspy in the deafening silence, “Where is it?”

As I said that, he let out a quiet noise of discomfort.

“My duffel bag,” I repeat again, trying not to think about her. Dark hair, blue eyes swim to the surface of my mind.

I watched Kit, elegantly unfolding himself from his position. I shifted slightly, so that my legs were dangling over the side of the unfamiliar wooden bed. I frowned, my eyes fixed to outside of the window, where glass spires twisted exquisitely up towards the sky. Where Livia now was. As Kit handed me the bag, I eagerly rummaged through its contents, searching for something important. Not even important. Vital.

“Do you want me to get Julian?”

“Not right now.”

As I continued rustling through my possessions, Kit coughed and spoke somewhat awkwardly, “I’ll get Helen- she can tell you what happened.”

Why was he awkward? According to Jules, my mind didn’t work the same way as others so I found it difficult identifying emotions and sarcasm. But it also came with my ability to observe things in ways that other cannot see. Not that it was helping right now.

“I know what happened,” I said quickly, as a bolt of pain drilled through me. A feeling of emptiness at the bottom of my heart. Something cold touched my hand. My phone. All of the tension escaped my body and I felt as relaxed as I could in such a situation.

I glanced up at Kit. He wore such a curious expression on his face that I couldn’t help grin inside at his naïveté.

“I’m going back to sleep now. There are still drugs in my system. I can feel them.” I wasn’t pleased by this, as there was so much to do, yet so little time.

“Should I stay?” Kit inquired, as I tossed my duffel bag to other side of the room.

“Yes I’d rather you did,” I replied as the sleeping drugs pulled me under, “And go to sleep if you want. I’ll be fine”

The last thing I saw was blue eyes, but, instead of dark hair, this time it was blonde.

As I walked downstairs, my eyes skated across everything in the room. I wore white, the colour of mourning for Shadowhunters, but also the colour of fresh snow and cotton fields. How could a colour so pure be associated with death? I scanned the room again. I spotted Diana, dressed charmingly in a white dress and a gear jacket. I frown.

“Twenty-three minutes,” I tell her.


I had forgotten that I didn’t always state the obvious.

“It will take us twenty-three minutes to get down to the Fields, and the ceremonies begin in twenty-five. Where is everyone?”

Diana pulled a face. “I’m sure they’re on their way-ʺ

“I want to talk to Julian,” I interrupted her, not allowing myself to forget the list in my mind. “He went with Livvy to the Silent City. I need to know what he saw and what they did to her.” The unknown tore me apart. Not knowing what they did to Livvy tore me apart. Livvy dying tore me apart.

Loud footsteps fell on the stairs. I cringed at the sound, too deafening for my sensitive ears. I needed my headphones.

I watched as my family, Emma and Cristina file down the stairs, each wearing a range of emotions. The air stank of grief. I found my eyes flicking to the clock, measuring how much time left. A few seconds later, Kit trailed down the stairs, wearing a seemingly uncomfortable white gear jacket.

As we prepared to leave, I stole a glance at Jules. His expression was terrifying, but not in an angry or monstrous way. Instead, his features were schooled into a hard and cold expression devoid of any emotion. My hands fluttered, like how they do when I am anxious or sad. Or scared.

Glass, twin, apple, whisper, stars, crystal, shadow, lilt. Twin. I whisper these words to myself as I scaled the funeral pyre. These words kept me in place, allowed me a leash for my emotions. Twin. From behind me, I hear the outraged cries of the Nephilim. We were supposed to grief inconspicuously and move on. But they don’t know anything. They don’t know how it feels like to lose a part of you. I feel a burst of outrage as I clambered the pile of wood even quicker. Splinters dug into my hands but I didn’t stop. This is for you Livia. As I reached the peak of the pyre, I broke down, kneeling beside my beloved sister. I lightly caressed her hands and unclasped something from around her neck. I love you I think as Jules reaches the platform and holds me.

Atque in pepetuum, genimus, ave atque vale,” I whispered

Forever and ever, my twin, hail and farewell.’

Second story:

A circle. A symbol of wholeness, perfection.

Crouching down, I swiftly traced another one within the other circle in the soft sands by Lake Lyn. Imitating my notes, I traced each spiked rune in the border between the two circles. These runes did not speak of the angels- instead they spoke of power, greed, death. But the human conscious was rarely scientifically correct. Besides, I needed Livvy. She had always been there for me. I hadn’t been there for her once. No way was that happening again.

I felt Kit’s gaze drill into my back. I turned around and saw that his face was pulled into an expression between a grimace and a look of fascination. I shrugged inwardly and placed the ingredients in a perfect row beside me: the myrrh grown by faeries, the chalk powdered from the bones from the bones of a murder victim, Livvy’s baby tooth and a lock of her hair (the bone and hair of the person to be resurrected) and the letter from Thule (an object from another dimension).

“Did I do it right?” I questioned Kit, as I slowly lowered myself onto the sand. He pulled another face- different from his other one- before frowning at me. I laughed privately, won over by my friend’s many facial expressions.

“How would I know?” was the dry reply that I got.

I acknowledged the sharp edged knife in his voice. “Well you father was a magician; I thought he might have taught you some of this,” I shot back, smirking, despite the solemn situation which lay at the palm of my hand, at the surprise that flitted in his eyes at my sudden aggression.

Kit kicked the edge of the water in apparent frustration; glass crystals flew up into the smoky grey sky. “Actually my dad kind of kept me away from learning real spells. But I know a little.”

My heart flew; I could actually kiss him.

He shuffled towards me from the lake. Sighing, he pointed at the luminous crimson ball I held in the palm of my hand.

“The catalyst goes in the middle of the circle,” he muttered, a strain in his normally smooth voice.

I placed the mini sun in the centre of the ceremonial circle. “Come sit next to me,” I patted the patch of sand beside me. Kit knelt down.

I took a deep breath and started muttering the Latin words. After the second line, I removed Livvy’s necklace from around my neck and handed my only reminder of her to Kit. He placed it on the edge of the circle.

I began to recite louder, the desire to bring my twin pulling at me like a magnet. “Abyssus abyssum invocat in voce cataractarum taurum; omnia excelsa tua et fluctus tui super me transierunt.” Deep calls to deep in the voice of your waterfalls. All your whirlpools and waves have passed over me.

As I chanted, each object caught fire and burned with a pure white flame, light in the darkness. Suddenly, a strong wind blew over Lake Lyn, smelling of grave dirt. The spell was working. I smiled and continued.

“Do you hear that?” Kit asked, worry transparent in his voice.

I only shook my head. Nothing could stop me now.

“Hic mortui vivunt, hic mortui vivunt…” I now spat out the words, like they were fire on my lips.

“Ty, stop.” Kit’s hand gripped my shoulder tightly. I ignored him and continued, rage building inside me, rage at him trying to prevent Livvy from coming back.

“Ty don’t do this.” His words were like bullets, but I had already put up my defence.

I glared at him, angry, but also bewildered as Kit would never stop the ritual for something insignificant.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand,” I said, trying to think of what must have happened. A misinterpreted ingredient maybe?

“Don’t do this. Don’t raise her from the dead.” His answer took down my defences and shot me with his last bullet.

“But I have to,” I begged him, hating myself that I needed his help. Emotion choked back my voice. “I can’t live without Livvy.”

“Yes you can,” he whispered, revealing more bullets to shoot at me. Not even bullets. Shells. Not even my best defence could prevent me from breaking. “You can. You think this will make your family stronger, but it will destroy them if you bring her back.” He was now aiming for my weak spots. “You think you can’t survive without Livvy, but you can. We will go through this together.” Kit was now crying, silent tears rolling down his cheeks. He never cried. He didn’t deserve to cry. He didn’t lose a twin. I did. I was the one broken. He had pushed me back into the bottomless pit that I had spent so long getting out from. I felt tears well up in the corners of my eyes, threatening to escape. “I love you, Ty. I love you.”

My tears froze in their place, as I absorbed his confession. But I couldn’t love him now. Not when he prevented me from rescuing the thing I loved the most from a terrible darkness.

But, despite him baring his soul out to me, he proceeded on. “She’s gone, Ty. She’s gone forever” Falling, falling even more. “You have to get through this. Your family will help you. I will help you.” As if I want your help, I thought bitterly. “But not if you do this. No if you do this, Ty.”

My mouth twisted up in a grimace, capturing my tears, not allowing myself to cry.

“I have to get her back,” I choked, suffocated. “I have to.”

I turned my back from Kit, hissing out the Latin that sat at the edge of my lips.

“Ty!” Kit sounded hurt, but, oh boy, he had no idea what pain felt like. A continuous fall into the bottomless pit. Never dying, but always suffering.

Igni ferroque, ex silentio, ex amino-” In the space of a second, Kit threw himself at me. I tumbled backwards, too surprised to defend myself. As we rolled into the shallows of the crystalline lake, and I suddenly came back to reality. I shoved Kit as hard as I could, putting all of my weight against it. When he didn’t let go, I thrusted mt elbow into his throat, sharp enough to most likely injure his oesophagus. He let go for a brief second, but, because of my Shadowhunter training, it was all I needed to dart away from his outstretched hand. He tried to grab me again, but I kicked him in the stomach, hard enough to make him double up in pain. I may have looked thin and fragile, but God help anyone who underestimated my strength. Including Kit.

As tears streamed down my face, I screamed the last words of the spell. “Ex silento, ex amino! Livia Blackthorn! Resurget! Resurget! Resurget!”

It was over. The spell was done.

I smiled a bitter smile as the flame in the circle turned a midnight black, light turned to darkness.

All of a sudden, the flames devoid of light rose upwards. My eyes widened. I shot a glance at Kit, who has stumbled back up. Kit who had seen dark magic gone wrong. He glimpsed at me, and I saw his facial expression. He looked like he was about to knock me out. Maybe he would.

A movement caught the edge of my sight. The still water on the lake rippled, and a shimmering, transparent figure rose out of the water, sending out droplets of diamond everywhere. Livvy.

“Livvy,” Kit whispered, running to the edge of the lake despite his injuries.

I ran to the edge, stumbling and fell onto my knees on the shores of the lake. My twin looked like a luminous goddess, her bare feet trailing across the glowing water. My eyes stung at the sight of her. I was so happy, overjoyed, ecstatic to see her again. The same couldn’t be said for Livvy. She wore a look of unfathomable, impossible sadness on her transparent face.

“Why have you disquieted me?” she asked, melancholy dripping from her voice, which reminded me of water rushing through rocks, trees sighing in the wind and soft angel wings flapping in the sky.

“Livvy,” I sighed, stretching out my hand to touch her. Instead, my hand passed through the skirt of her dress.

“It’s not really her,” Kit murmured softly, as if talking to a small animal in pain. “She’s a ghost.”

A ghost. I felt the rage for Kit, for Annabel, for life building up inside me again. “Why aren’t you here?” I yelled, my voice becoming shriller and louder by the second. “I did everything right. I did everything right,” I sobbed, rage spilling out from me.

“The catalyst you used was corrupted. It wasn’t strong enough to fully bring me back,” Livvy explained to me in the soothing voice she had previously used to comfort me. Back when she was alive. “It might have other consequences as well. Ty-”

“But you can stay with me, right?” I interrupted her, before she could say anymore. “You can stay with me like this?” I was now grasping at loose ends of an unfinished embroidered piece. One false move could destroy the whole masterpiece.

I watched Livvy’s outline shimmer as she elegantly stepped towards me. “Is that what you want?” she questioned, her voice relaxing me.

“Yes.” The answer left me automatically. “That’s why I did all this. I want you with me in any way you can be.” Words were now pouring out of my mouth. “You were there with me before I was born,

Livvy. Without you, I just- there’s nothing if you aren’t there.” I allowed my emotions loose, stripping them of their leashes, rising up to the surface of my mind.

“I loved you, Ty. I loved you even when I was dead. But you have upended the universe, and we will all pay for it. You’ve ripped a hole in the fabric of life and death.” Tears developed in the corners of my blue eyes, wetting her long lashes. “You don’t know what you’ve done. You cannot borrow from death. You can only pay for it.” At that, Livvy vanished, as if she had never been there.

My mind took a few seconds to process this before a guttural sound was ripped out from the bottom of my soul. Livvy had just rescued me from the void but here I was, falling, falling, falling again. Tears ran from my eyes like an ocean and another sob wracked my body. The emptiness, the ache in my heart, had just been filled, only to be replaced with desolation and yearning which hit twice as hard. I hugged my knees harder, my tears staining the already dark fabric even darker. The pain which I had thought to be the worst had just been restored by an even worse agony, drilling through every fibre, every atom of my body and mind.

I looked up just in time to see the letter from Thule catch fire and spell out nine words:

I love you. I love you. I love you.

COMPETITION WINNER: ‘Feyre Darling’ – Yiyang Z, Year 11

Feyre darling –

I could only watch as he claimed you as his,

As a prize he won, to be his bride and ornament.

You were drowning in his rules, trapped in his house,

Yet loved him still, even as his instrument.


The lord of spring, of light and life,

Cared nothing of his partner’s mind.

Didn’t see the stick-thin arms, and lifeless eyes,

Or didn’t care.


His reward for his pain, for his loss, and gain.

But who hasn’t suffered in this unfair world?

Who hasn’t felt pain, loss, and wanted to gain?


I could only watch as he left you to die,

To wither, to collapse, to shatter and die.


He would never deserve you.


I have loved you long since before he.

On my side I have nature, for, like swans,

we are meant to be.

Two halves of a heart to fit into one.

But nature doesn’t always make things easy.


He wasn’t happy enough just having you,

So locked you in his gilded cage, and called it

Protection, not even a key to throw away.

Trapped, in every possible way.

Or perhaps not.


We rescued each other, survived through our pain,

Our love had the strength of nature, a true force

To fight pain. Our future is long, our love so

Strong. We’re both so happy, our faces shining –

You’re the one, and only – my Feyre, Darling.

Competition Winners

We are very excited to be announcing the winners of our latest creative writing competition, with the task to write a piece from the perspective of a different character in a well-known story. All the entries were excellent and we found it very difficult to choose the winners!

The results are:

Winner – ‘Feyre Darling’ by Yiyang Z, Year 11

Runner up – ‘Queen of Air and Darkness in Ty Blackthorn’s Perspective’ by Sofia B, Year 8

Congratulations! We will be handing out your prizes in assembly.

Thank you to everyone who entered. All the entries will be published on the Green Light blog so please look out for them!

‘Cinderella (modern version)’ – Arpita G, Year 7

Chapter 1

Once upon a time far far away……. in fact, the events took place in a time of computer technologies and hipsters, fast food and scientific breakthrough and poverty. Olivia is kind hearted, pretty and unbelievably amazing. But she is sure that only strong, merciless women can conquer the world. Olivia’s Step-mother and Step-sisters belong to the jet set, they are obsessed with their appearance, clothes and about having the right friends. It is the hypocritical and haughty elite; whose interests always are on the agenda.

Chapter 2

In the January annual “Charitable” masked ball was organised, by some promising, handsome young actor, who transformed his life into a reality show. Olivia had met him before and from then on, she started to love him. But she didn’t tell anyone about it though. His name was Mathew, Mathew Johnson. It was a huge event, where the already known family was going to visit, excluding Olivia. But she had her own plans and intentions and had firmly resolved on changing her life for the better at all costs. They had been invited! Having used the skills of hiding and slinking, which she acquired in a scout camp, Olivia stole the invitations, money and sleeping draught of her Step-mother. What for? Later, “Fairy Godmother” was the best shop of the carnival suits in the city. Olivia chose the most expensive, the most glamorous richly decorated dress.

“I will be the Queen of this night!!” she was certain about her triumph. And she was right as never before!

Chapter 3

Murmur of the crowd, photoflashes, all these you could find in the club “Castle.” Cameras surrounded the young actor, Mathew Charming. With a shining smile he was sharing his plans for the future with the public.

“Everyone knows everything about my life. As you know, I have not found my soul mate yet. Maybe this evening will change my life!”.

Olivia stood out against a background of the others. Their eyes met. Mathew decided immediately that she would be his wife. Such a beautiful woman would become splendid decoration for his reality show. She wanted only money and fame. They were tarred with the same brush. Later through the ball, Olivia and Mathew got married! And they lived happily ever after!

Some External Writing Competitions

Here are some links to creative writing competitions currently running. Good luck!



‘Into the Woods’ – Milli H

As the frost-tipped snowflakes fall down,
From the gloomy sky above,
The fairy grabs her frost crown,
from a nearby passing dove.

The frost sprites come to greet her,
as she comes down to the ground,
All the snow is in a blur,
not a human to be found.

Their hands outstretched,
the snow falls light,
a shimmering storm,
in the dead of night.

listen now,
Oh can you hear?
The fairy’s laugh,
So sharp and clear.

Now close your eyes,
my sleeping child,
for the fairy flies,
when dreams are wild.

‘Into the Woods’ – Laura L, Year 13

The trees of the forest shake their golden leaves
They have no fear of falling to the ground
And fairies wait to braid their wreaths
The pine cones they find lying all around

Within the twisted branches hide a show,
Of secrets humans cannot ever learn,
They must contend to write their tales of woe
Of creatures made of maple leaf and fern

Because fairies fear the humans too,
They hide until the moon comes out at night,
To sing and dance and drink the forest dew,
They chant their rhymes of magic and delight

Not till the morning sun comes do they hide
Until tomorrow night their time they bide


The trees had leaves so very green
I couldn’t believe what I had seen
Because they were so green and bright
They blocked out rays of the sunlight

For trees are made of lots of wood
They are quite hard to be understood
So into the woods I must go
Where will it end I do not know

‘Cinderella’ – Marusya B, Year 7

Well of course you’ve all heard the story,
Of a pumpkin, some magic and a little bit of gory…
A tale of the evil, the good and the bad,
And the tale of a good little prince (what an annoying little lad!)
But let’s look down the other way,
What Cindy must really repay,
For it was HER who stole her sisters’ invitations (really, does that girl have any patience?!)
Now lets list out the things she’s already done wrong,
She stole a prince, she went to the ball,
(really my list does go on for very long!)
But the moral of the story is,
Don’t look at the positive and miss out all this,
Lets leave at a close that Cinderella wasn’t right,
All she deserves,
Is to be banished in the night!

‘The Strange Old Wizard and His Wand of Silver’ – Kitty D, Year 10

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a wizard with his goblins in a small cottage. It was small and damp but it was the best they could do. The wizard was usually very grumpy, and the goblins worked for him day and night. The wizard dealt in magic potions, selling them hither and thither to anyone who might take a fancy to his strange potions and powders. You might think that because he sold such amazing magical things, he could afford an amazing castle with beautiful fountains and towers that stretched right up to the heavens. You would be right to think so, for this was true, however the wizard had been banished from his kingdom and left to rot in this dingy little cottage. Despite their misfortune the goblins still went about delivering the magic packages to all who wanted them and the wizard still concocted his magical creations. Every day the wizard would get up, make his favourite breakfast of frogspawn on toast, then set about making his magical potions to sell to all the land. Then at night, when the stars twinkled and the moon shone brightly, the goblins would go out to all of their loyal customers and deliver their packages and potions in exchange for gold, which they would take back to the wizard. One night however the goblins left with 10 potions and came back with only 9 pieces of gold! How could this happen? Where was the 10th piece of gold? When the goblins told the wizard he was furious! He waved his wand  in anger and shouted at the goblins, sending books and jars and stars and lizards and frogs and cauldrons and candles and hats and cloaks flying everywhere. This was just too bad. They needed to do something about this troublesome customer, and the wizard knew exactly what to do. The next day, after the wizard had made his potions, he made something very special for the goblins. It was a wand of silvery starlight and had a distant gleam of rubies and garnets, it had a wooden part, carved from the finest of oak and a case made of the softest leather. He told the goblins to go to the customer, and this device would have the magical power to instantly persuade them to give them the gold. So the goblins did what they were told and crept through the village to the house that had not paid the last night. They knocked in the door and a young man who they supposed was a carpenter came to the door. “give us our gold or we will bring out our special silver persuasion device, “ they said. The carpenter stopped and chuckled at the goblins “you fools,” he said snidely “you aren’t getting an ounce of my gold! I’m not giving it to you and what’s more is that I have hidden it, so you’ll never get your slimy fingers on any of it”. The goblins were displeased by this. How dare he take their potion and not pay for it! He was a thief! They grumbled and took out their sliver wand from its case. They swished it at the carpenter, just as the wizard had shown them.  He crumbled to the ground and magical streams of scarlet spurted out of him like beautiful birthday streamers. He had no time to speak before the streams descended into soft trickles of molten red. The silver wand had taken the carpenter away, he had paid for his terrible behaviour. The goblins finished their nightly rounds and trotted off back home to the wizard. He was very pleased with their work and gave each of them a goblin treat of sugared slugs. The wizard and goblins continued with their potion business and they all live happily ever after.