‘A Pirate, A Merchant’ – Asma K, Y7

‘Sail ho! Another booty tonight with the yellow iron

Attack the ship and take with the bounty, ye rapscallion!’

A vulgar pirate glared at me, gold teeth glinting in the light

A grotesque scar upon his face; a doing of mine in that violent fight

Forcefully, I was taken from before I was here, my life before

Before I was a murderer, a hoarder, a burglar

Before I became a pirate and before I was not a free being

Before I lived under the punishment of being killed for fleeing


Twas a summer’s day, a gentle breeze

My ship Orion ploughing the blue with a laughable ease

A-swishing waves, a lullaby for the sea- faring

The open blue, the home for the most daring

Orion’s mast, proud and stout upon the high ocean wave

A tranquil beauty; seen to those who the ocean they brave

The goods are my heart, Orion is my spirit; this is my life as a merchant

Suddenly, yelling of the drunk in the silence, words incoherent


My heart skipped a beat; a ship had appeared against my Orion

A murderous hooligan; a pirate beside me, armed with a gun

A pistol in hand and a craving in his eye for violent fights

Other vulgar pirates searching for the valuable merchandise

‘Avast ye, look at the booty this bilge- sucking scallywag had apart!’

They pulled away my prized, and there went my heart

They sunk my ship and their went my spirit, along with Orion

From then on, I lived a life like a hard metal iron


For the rest of my life, I was a pirate, a bandit

A robber at sea without a heart or a spirit

My goods my Orion, gone forevermore

I always will remember that scene of gore

But today, I shall run away from my pirate life

A life of grief, a life of strife

I shall revive my ship and my goods, not apart

I shall revive my spirit and my heart