‘Cinderella (modern version)’ – Arpita G, Year 7

Chapter 1

Once upon a time far far away……. in fact, the events took place in a time of computer technologies and hipsters, fast food and scientific breakthrough and poverty. Olivia is kind hearted, pretty and unbelievably amazing. But she is sure that only strong, merciless women can conquer the world. Olivia’s Step-mother and Step-sisters belong to the jet set, they are obsessed with their appearance, clothes and about having the right friends. It is the hypocritical and haughty elite; whose interests always are on the agenda.

Chapter 2

In the January annual “Charitable” masked ball was organised, by some promising, handsome young actor, who transformed his life into a reality show. Olivia had met him before and from then on, she started to love him. But she didn’t tell anyone about it though. His name was Mathew, Mathew Johnson. It was a huge event, where the already known family was going to visit, excluding Olivia. But she had her own plans and intentions and had firmly resolved on changing her life for the better at all costs. They had been invited! Having used the skills of hiding and slinking, which she acquired in a scout camp, Olivia stole the invitations, money and sleeping draught of her Step-mother. What for? Later, “Fairy Godmother” was the best shop of the carnival suits in the city. Olivia chose the most expensive, the most glamorous richly decorated dress.

“I will be the Queen of this night!!” she was certain about her triumph. And she was right as never before!

Chapter 3

Murmur of the crowd, photoflashes, all these you could find in the club “Castle.” Cameras surrounded the young actor, Mathew Charming. With a shining smile he was sharing his plans for the future with the public.

“Everyone knows everything about my life. As you know, I have not found my soul mate yet. Maybe this evening will change my life!”.

Olivia stood out against a background of the others. Their eyes met. Mathew decided immediately that she would be his wife. Such a beautiful woman would become splendid decoration for his reality show. She wanted only money and fame. They were tarred with the same brush. Later through the ball, Olivia and Mathew got married! And they lived happily ever after!