‘Winter’s Howl’ – Ruth R, Year 8

April walked around the park while the leaves twirled from the branch to the ground, each a colourful flag without strings or poles, free to roam. The breeze fluttered around, gently caressing her with fingers that had been a comfort to so many over their long, lonely years. She could hear the gentle hum of the blackbirds, while the aroma of cinnamon politely greeted her.

The yellow ball of fire changed to hues of orange, and then almost tangerine. It merged with the sky, like juice-mix dissolving in a glass of water. The clouds were cotton-candy, as though they blushed at the warm touch of the sun.

She reached the door, hidden behind ivy leaves which silently hissed at her, but hesitated. She knew what was behind that door. Ma never believed in them, she would tell her to be silent if she ever brought up the idea and yet here she was agreeing to meet him.

Her heart hammered in her chest while she felt her cheeks slightly burning. She knew it was dangerous, in fact her inner voice was screaming at her, telling her to not open the door but she knew she wouldn’t listen.

She thought about him, his name itself was beautiful, winter. He reminded her of the soft white blanket that brought her shivering with delight.

Oh what would ma say if she knew all about it! She would shout, lock her in her room and never look at her the same way she once had. She sighed.

It was time to see him. She opened the door to find the stars smiling at her. The galaxy was different here. She could feel the soft white sand tickling her toes while the crashing of the wind and the sea made her shudder. Then she saw him.

His coconut white and cloudy grey fur, which was short over her body yet longer at the neck, clung to his frame like a windbreaker in a gale. His coral blue eyes stared at her while he ran over to her and licked her. She smiled while he turned back in his human form.

My wolf prince.