Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Welcome to this year’s AGGS Summer Reading Challenge – 20 for 2020. The challenge is to read or listen to something in each of the twenty categories listed in the poster attached.

This is a tough challenge but I thought that, in view of this, you could count anything you’ve read or listened to at home or in school or in class from January this year. Please don’t go further into the past than that!

A book can only be used once in one of the categories and must be read in full.

There will be a winner in each year group – the person who completes the most categories – and they will win a book token. In the event of a tie, names will be drawn out of a hat by the student librarians.

Bring the PDF, marked up with the names of the books you’ve read, back to the School Library in September.

Download the PDF here

Summer Reading Challenge

Reading regularly and reading for pleasure has a huge impact on your wellbeing and academic attainment. Try to read every day of the summer holidays if you can and join in our Summer Reading Challenge. Read at least 6 books between now and September to enter the draw to choose the books the library buys in the Autumn term. Read any 6 books from the list on the entry form and you can also win a box of Krispy Kreme donuts! Make sure you get the right list for your year group.

The books are recommendations from the librarians but remember, you don’t have to read them to enter. Try to include one non-fiction book, a graphic novel or manga, some poetry, a magazine and listen to a podcast.

Fill out the details on the back of the form and hand it in to the library in September.

Happy summer reading !

See the form for each year group below:

Year 7&8: Library-Reading-Challenge-Y7-8

Year 9&10: Library-Reading-Challenge-Y9-10

Year 11, 12 & 13: Library-Reading-Challenge-VI