Library Activities

TED Talk Tuesdays

The programme for TED Talk Tuesdays which continue to be popular

  • Tuesday 28th February, 12.40pm – Why we have too Few Women Leaders by Sheryl Sandberg
  • Tuesday 14th March, 12.40pm – Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Ken Robinson
  • Tuesday 28th March, 12.40pm – How to speak up for Yourself by Adam Galinsky

The Graphic Novel Book Club

Lunchtimes on Day 1.

Avengers - Rage of UltronOn 27th February (12.45pm) we will be discussing the superhero comic Avengers: The Rage of Ultron

Beanbags for the library

Beanbags in the Library
Beanbags in the Library

We are extremely grateful to have received from the PTA, a set of Fatboy Point Beanbags for the library.  This has provided some much needed extra flexible seating for pupils.  Pupil Librarians chose the colours to fit in with the school colours and they chose well; the beanbags have added a touch of extra cheer to the space.

TED Talk Tuesday in the Glass Box

TED Talk Tuesday in the Glass Box

Tuesday 15th November, 12.40pm

TED Talk A Teen Just Trying to Figure it out Tavi GevinsonA Teen Just Trying to Figure it out

Tavi Gevinson (7:30)

15 year old Tavi Gevinson had a hard time finding strong, female teenage role models – so she built a space where they could find each other.  At TEDxTeen she illustrates how conversations on sites like Rookie, her popular web magazine, by and for teenage girls, are putting a new, unapologetically uncertain and richly complex face on modern feminism.

TED Talk - The Magic of Truth and Lies (and iPods) Marco Tempest

The Magic of Truth and Lies (and iPods)

Marco Tempest (5:07)

Using three iPods like magical props, Marco Tempest spins a clever and heartfelt meditation on truth and lies, art and emotion.



Tuesday 29th November, 12.40pm

TED - Science is for Everyone, Kids Included Beau Lotto & Amy O’ TooleScience is for Everyone, Kids Included

Beau Lotto & Amy O’ Toole (15:25)

What do science and play have in common?  Neuroscientist Beau Lotto thinks that all people, kids included, should participate in science and, through the process of discovery, change perceptions.  He’s seconded by Amy O’ Toole who, along with her classmates, published the first peer-reviewed article by school children, about the Blackawton bees project.

Tuesday 13th December, 12.40pm

TED Talk - If I Should Have a Daughter by Sarah KayIf I Should Have a Daughter…

Sarah Kay (18:25)

“If I should have a daughter, instead of Mom, she’s gonna call me Point B” began spoken word poet Sarah Kay, in a TED Talk that inspired two standing ovations.

She tells the story of her metamorphosis from a wide eyed teenager soaking in verse at New York’s Bowery Poetry Club to a teacher connecting kids with the power of self-expression through Project VOICE.