RS Quiz No 3

10 Questions to debunk Christmas Myths


  1. How many wise men are there?


  2. Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th?


  3. What, in the traditional nativity story, may be a clue as to why this event could not have happened in wintertime?


  4. Where (what dwelling place) does the Bible say that Jesus was born?


  5. How many Gospels actually retell the birth of Jesus?


  6. Can you complete the end of this well-known carol?

    “the cattle are lowing, the baby awakes, but little lord Jesus ____ _____ _____ _____.”


  7. ChristingleWhat does a Christingle symbolise?


  8. Where does the Christingle originate?


  9. Why does Santa wear red?


  10. What is the traditional name of Boxing Day?


Bonus Question

What did people traditionally do on Boxing Day?


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