Winners of the Charity Committee ‘Virtual’ Easter Egg Raffle

Charity Committee were amazed at the response we got as we have never tried a ‘virtual’ raffle before!

Total raised was £502 and we are supporting the Mental Health charity MIND.

The results of the raffle can be found here:

The winners have been notified of how to collect their Easter Eggs

A Huge Thankyou to all the students that bought our Virtual raffle tickets.
Congratulations to our winners and Happy Easter everyone.

The Winners of our Easter Raffle are:

Katie C 13-6           281 AA83 GQ7D
Cara F 13-4             326 AF9B SP6Q
Ella D 13-4                209 AA83 GQ7D
Josie H 12-6             305 AA83 GQ7D
Nell W 10-3              392 AA83 GQ7D
Francesca K 8-4   438 AF9B SP6Q
Flora G 8-3               246 AA83 GQ7D
Aveen H 7-2             280 AF9B SP6Q
Natasha B 7-2         289 AF9B SP6Q
Megan N 7-7            292 AF9B SP6Q
Ella W 7-2                  485 AF9B SP6Q
Matilda W   7-6       264 AF9B SP6Q
Lauren M 7-2              211 AA83 GQ7D


and Happy Easter

The Charity Committee

Comic Relief Fundraising

This term the charity committee is supporting Comic Relief.

Comic relief, or red nose day was started in July of 1985, by Richard Curtis and Jane Tewson, aiming to educate people about the poverty in the UK and Africa through comedy and laughter. The organisation raises money, which is then used to help to create a just world, free from poverty.

Since it first started comic relief has helped to support over 105 million people across the world including children, the elderly, women facing domestic abuse and communities facing racial inequality.

The last red nose day, in 2019, saw £63,548,668 raised. This money has enabled over 28,000 people to access quality mental health services, 27,000 people experiencing homelessness were offered safe accommodation and specialist supporting as well as helping 53,000 people experiencing domestic
abuse find the services they need.

Red nose day this year is on Friday the 19th March and it’s never been more important to raise money for people living incredibly tough lives. However, due to the virus we can’t hold bake sales and other fundraisers so we are asking you to donate through parent pay for this important cause:

Thank you from the Charity Committee

Charity Day – 18th December 2020

As you are all aware, Charity Day 2020 has been a bit different than usual. Even though we’ve been confined to the walls of our form rooms, we didn’t let that get in the way of the usual program. The Year 13s have been working hard scripting and filming the pantomime and reflecting on a year that’s been far from normal. We’ve also had a virtual talent show that has demonstrated the various skills of our students ranging from songwriting to creative choreography. It was a difficult task narrowing down the 40 acts to just 15 so thank you to everybody that sent in their entries. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mr Barry and Mr Carr for being our virtual hosts and to all the students (and geography teachers) that took part this year.

The winners of the talent show for this year are:
1st – Freya in Y9 – Titanium
2nd – Holly in Y10 – Arabian Nights
3rd – Aisya in Y7 – Flashlight proceeds from Charity Day are going to Coffee4Craig. They run a drop-in evening and weekend service based in Manchester for the homeless that offers clothes, showers, hot meals and much more. They also provide health advice and access to computers and phones to help people back on their feet. Coffee4Craig are doing an immense amount to help those in need this Christmas and thank you for letting us support them through your charitable donations.

The Charity Committee and I hope that you have a restful break, and we wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Christmas Jumper Day

Tuesday 15th December saw AGGS students coming to school wearing Chritsmas jumpers, to raise money to charity. We can reveal that our Christmas Jumper Appeal has raised over £1000 which is amazing! Thanks everyone for enabling the Charity Committee to continue its fundraising despite the pandemic and all the red tape that came with it.

Merry Christmas and Best wishes to you all.
The Charity Committee

Children in Need

This November, AGGS will be celebrating BBC Children in Need 2020. The very first Children in Need Fundraiser was broadcast in 1980 and since then, it has raised over £1 billion for disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. With current lockdown measures, we will not be able to carry out our usual fundraising activities, which is a shame as it has always been a highly anticipated event in school by staff and students alike. However we believe we can still make a difference.

Please visit our school website to make your donation:

Children in Need

AGGS Harvest 2020 Final Update

Following the close of our Harvest 2020 collection we are very happy to announce that we raised a grand total of £997.41!
This was shared between the Mustard Tree and the Wythenshawe foodbank, each receiving £485.50.
Our amazing food collection made before the break was also shared between The Mustard Tree and the South Trafford Food Bank.
The winners of our year 7 and 8   ‘Form with the largest number of donated items’ challenge were 7-5 and 8-5Congratulations to both forms.
We would like to put in a special mention for form 11-3 who also amazed us with their large donation which thoughtfully included sanitary items that are often missed off Harvest lists.
Once again, the Charity Committee would like to thank everyone for their selflessness and compassion in these uncertain times.

Harvest Collection – Thank You

We would like to say Thank you for the amazing donations that were literally poured into the main hall since Tuesday. Our students have really outdone themselves bringing in items from home. In addition, we have raised over £800 in online donations, that will go to the Mustard Tree Charity to help fight homelessness. A 60 second view of what our donations will be used for can be found here:

See the Thankyou Tweet from the Mustard Tree charity:

Macmillan Cancer Support – Thank You

Thank you everyone for your donations for the Macmillan coffee morning. Together we have managed to raise a huge amount of £884.90! We are very grateful for your help in raising money for Macmillan and are very proud with how much we have all raised.

Sakeena R 11-1
Charity Committee

Harvest Festival 2020

This year , the AGGS Harvest Collection has started taking place in our classrooms. Each form room has either a box or large Bag to put all the donated food items. Please watch our video to learn how Giving is linked to Gratitude , and why Gratitude is important for our physical and mental wellbeing.


All our donated items will go to the South Trafford Food Bank, while cash donations will go to towards Shelter for the Homeless in Manchester

This year we are able to accept donations via Parentpay – Click here to get to your parentpay account and make a donation there.

Macmillan Virtual Coffee Morning

The Macmillan Coffee Morning is going virtual this year. Please watch our video to see how you can get involved in supporting Macmillan Cancer Support.

This year one of our cleaning staff members, Mrs. Simpson, is doing Virgin London Virtual Run on Oct 4th to raise money for Macmillan. Click on the link below to help her raise as much funds as possible:


This year we are able to accept donations via Parentpay – Click here to get to your parentpay account and make a donation there.