Young Enterprise Challenge Masterclass

On Wednesday 23rd January, Year 7 took part in an enterprise challenge masterclass, where in teams of businesses, they had to buy beads in order to make bracelets and necklaces to sell at a profit. Each team was given a start-up loan of £60 and encouraged to be as creative as possible. Students learnt about what makes a successful business and how each individual brings a set of personal values and skills which are equally relevant and useful. Using their skills on financial capability, decision making, evaluating decisions, problem solving, communication, team working and budgeting – all qualities of an entrepreneur, each team came up with a different strategy of success. The winning team from the morning’s session were from 7-1: Ranad, Millie, Cheryl, Tilly, Pravallika and Iona who made a profit of £396 and the afternoon team from 7-6 were Ayanfeoluwa, Lucy, Julia, Isha, Lily and Anuschka who made a £420 profit! Well done to all who took part.