AGGS Virtual Christmas Concert 2020

Please enjoy watching our virtual Christmas concert.
We are proud of the way students and staff have risen to the challenges of rehearsing at a distance, with smaller year group musical ensembles and how they’ve adapted on a weekly basis when students have been self isolating.
Jazz Band and Saxophone ensemble have put together a lovely virtual arrangement, when students playing brass/wind instruments have been learning safely completely from home.
String Orchestra and Chamber choir recorded their items after just one rehearsal after the most recent month long lockdown.
Have a lovely Christmas from everyone in the Music Department at AGGS!

Click on the link below to watch the concert online:

AGGS Virtual Christmas Concert 2020


If you are able, please donate towards our concert. Donations to be split between

Music Department
Concert Fund

and HelpMusicians

Donations can be made through ParentPay


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Christmas Concert

Our Christmas concerts this year again proved to be a real musical calendar highlight. Over 200 students performed across 2 nights, showcasing 15 different ensembles performing a wide variety of music as ever. Over half of these ensembles were led by students, including a brand new Ukulele band!
Thankyou to all students, music staff and staff helpers, without who we couldn’t make this happen. Also to the PTA for refreshments, the caretaking staff, reprographics and office staff.

A wonderful start to the festive season!

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