Arts Evening – Monday July 4th

Gallery-thumb1Our first ever combined Arts Evening, involving over 100 girls, showcased a production of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ from our talented Y10 GCSE drama students, accompanied by our AS Y12 musicians as the Wizard band, who played alongside an enthusiastic cast of singing and dancing munchkins.

The evening took on an American theme – it was July 4th after all! – and so the ‘Wizard of Oz’ was interspersed with other musical items from Second Orchestra, saxophone ensemble, recorder ensemble, Jazz Band and String Orchestra, who played music with some kind  of US connection. The musical variety was eclectic and wide ranging, including ‘Skyfall’ performed by the Jazz Band with phenomenal singer Effi (Y10) and Copland’s ‘Hoedown’ from the String Orchestra, arranged brilliantly by a parent, Mrs Adrienne Spilsbury.

Arts Evening, 4th July Gallery
Arts Evening, 4th July Gallery

Mrs Anstey, Mrs Collinson and Miss Gough all helped with the munchkin choreography and in addition, showcased a special interpretation of the development of the Americas, performed by the GCSE dance students.

The evening was rounded off with the audience joining in with a final rendition of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ and despite an earlier downpour, which meant the first section of the show couldn’t be performed as planned in the Centenary Garden, spirits couldn’t be dampened and a wonderful time was had by all – audience and performers alike.

Special thanks go to Mr Chris Capon for his technical expertise, Mrs Val Brennan and also the caretakers, the PTA and Peru Team 1 for wonderful USA themed refreshments, to Mrs Taylor and the Art Department for stylish flyers and to Miss Amanda Wright and Mrs Louise Dickinson and all the instrumental staff for their musical contributions.

Ms Mayall

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