Our new companies

We have been thinking about a new name for our junior and senior performance groups and have at last, found one that we think works really well!

We wanted a company name that linked to our school and began hunting for suitable words which incorporated ‘AGGS’. It didn’t take us long to realise that AG is of course the chemical symbol for silver and voila! We have our new name!

After some fantastic auditions we look forward to working with the new members of Silver Dance Company (year 10+);

Aisling R, Kira P, Maddie P, Anouska J, Sneha R, Caitlin D, Carlotta M-W, Alex H, Izzy Y, Gabby H, Elsa J, Deetha S, Eloise C-M, Anna C, Isobel C, Evie M, Millie S, Lucia O, Chloe B, Rachael G, Ena B, Alice G and Kerensa S-B.
We also welcome lots of new dancers to our Junior Silver Dance Company (Years 8 and 9);

Alicia R, Beth H, Martha K, Rebecca S, Devanshika R, Emily B, Aurora W, Susanna C, Honor T, Ellie T, Lucy G, Flo S, Florrie M and Melissa H.
Well done to you all, we are really looking forward to creating our ‘Animal Kingdom’ inspired pieces ready for the annual dance Production in February!

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