Anti-Bullying Banner

For anti-bullying week this year, we created a banner to hang up outside the library. The banner was left in the main hall all week for everyone to write kind comments and messages on.

When we saw the banner on Friday, we were delighted to see all the wonderful messages and quotes everyone had written. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the banner! If you didn’t get a chance to write something on the banner during anti-bullying week, you’re still more than welcome to add a message (just make sure you use a whiteboard pen!).

Take a look at some of the lovely messages that were written on the banner below!

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Finally, if you have any issues, please feel free to come and talk to us. We’re here to help!

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– The Anti-Bullying Team


This year, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors created a banner for Stand Up to Bullying Day and to raise awareness about reporting bullying rather than being a bystander.

But no, this wasn’t an ordinary banner. After spending a week in the art room (with help from the amazing Miss Taylor) the ambassadors planned and painted the huge banner with the slogan: ‘I STAND UP TO BULLYING’ and below it, ‘Do You?’

The banner was hung in the main hall on June 13th (Stand Up to Bullying Day) and left till Friday and welcomed kind comments, inspirational quotes and messages.

Our ‘Stand Up to Bullying Day’ project aimed to strengthen our school community and collectively take a stand against bullying.

When we visited the banner on Friday, we were amazed by how busy the banner was. There were smiley faces and quotes and as teachers walked past, they commented on how brilliant this idea was. Thank you to everyone who left a message and helped us achieve our goal!

The banner will be in the main hall next week for the school open day and will later be placed in the library.

Take a look at the pictures of the banner below!

Once again, a huge thank you from the Anti-Bullying Team! 🙂