Year 8 Maths Interform

The morning of Tuesday 9th July was no ordinary one – it was time for year eight maths interform! We separated into different maths rooms and split into groups of five, all competing against each other to get the most correct answers and the most points. The questions used were from the 2016 UKMT team challenge national final and so were designed to challenge the groups and put all our learning into practise. As well as these ten questions, there was a mathematical crossword which had to be solved meaning this was a test of speed as well as accuracy. After the hour was up, the total points for each form was calculated and a winning group to represented each form in the Grand Final was decided. We all filled the dining room with the winning teams going to the front for the final challenge: four questions worth 25 points each! First was Mr Barry’s question, then came Miss Horan’s, Mr Carr’s was next and, to finish, we had a challenge from Ms Gill.

Once the scores had been totted up and the points added on, it was time to announce the winners. The year eight maths interform champions 2019 are 8-3!

Thanks to the Maths Department for organising a fun and engaging morning – loved by the whole of year eight.

Written by Erin M

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