Canteen Goes Green


As we face increasing pressure to save our planet from self- destruction, Sodexo is taking a step forward towards tackling environmental issues.
With food waste alone triggering under 10% of carbon emissions, Sodexo has started to take things into their own hands by launching a company project aiming to cut down on their carbon footprint.
Our own dining hall is reducing food delivery miles significantly by making larger deliveries with fewer frequencies of 3 times a week.
1/3 of all food purchased is wasted, and to improve the ‘future health of he environment’ Sodexo is making sure that waste is not only minimal but turning unwanted food waste into compost.
However, it’s not just food waste our dining hall is reducing- but water and plastic usage too. School is reducing their contribution to the 1 million plastic bottles bought every day through encouraging tap water (available in the dining hall at lunch, as well as water fountains around school).
Plastic doesn’t have to be unavoidable any longer- Sodexo have substituted harmful single use plastic pots and straws (which eventually contaminate seas and rivers) into cardboard and paper.
A lot has been achieved to make our dining hall a more environmentally friendly place. From encouraging, via posters, low meat consumption- accounting for 15% of our carbon emission- to slowly but surely minimising our reliance on plastics.
As climate change becomes more of a threat, Sodexo are continuing their mission for a cleaner, safer future. They have many plans such as investing in more disposable but recyclable bottles and improving the juice machines to make them more sustainable.
Now the food industry is starting to realise the growing issue and impact of our carbon footprint- what can you do to help save our future?

Written by Anisha M (11-7)

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