The AGGS Bake Off Final

bake-off-2018-8On Wednesday, 9 keen bakers faced the Bake Off ‘Showstopper Challenge’ from the popular TV show, The Great British Bake Off, in the hopes to win the Star Baker trophy and impress the judges.

The 9 contestants were chosen after competing in a ‘Technical Challenge’ round before the summer holidays. 40 students took part in the challenge and baked a Great British Bake-Off favourite: the swiss roll. Those who successfully impressed sixth form judges, Raaj and Hannah, and head of food technology, Mrs Clutton, won a place in the final.

bake-off-2018-12So, the 9 bakers were given the theme for the showstopper, 2 hours to create it and the soundtrack from the TV show in the background successfully re-created the atmosphere in the tent. There were even cameras filming them individually! Their tiered cake had to reflect their personality; some achieved this with fun fillings whilst others decorated the cakes to represent a hobby or a special memory.

Bake-off-2018-judgesAlthough there were some mishaps, including a few sunken cakes, the results of the showstoppers were stunning! The judges, Mrs Lovelady, Dr Roberts and Mrs Hulme (who dressed as the host, Noel, from the show), were amazed with the outcomes and applauded all bakers. Our very own Paul Hollywood (Dr Roberts) even awarded Simra, Azita, Leenah, Aoibh with the famous ‘Hollywood Handshake’.

bake-off-2018-11After deliberation between the judges, the Star Baker trophy goes to the baker who filled her sponge and decorated her cake with colourful sprinkles… Congratulations to Simra in Year 10 with her ‘Funfetti Cake’!

‘They were given 2 hours to bake and the results were amazing. I also loved some of the stories behind the bake. Thank you very much to everyone involved in the baking, the judging, the filming and reporting and also in the washing up!’– Mrs Clutton

Several sixth formers will also be working on creating a short episode of the AGGS Bake-Off- we will all be looking forward to this on the school’s YouTube channel!

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