Tenner Challenge

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The Tenner Challenge is a national competition for 11 – 19 year olds to become entrepreneurs using a pledge of £10 to set up a business. Participants then have 4 weeks working in groups or alone to make as much profit as they can. At the end, they have to repay the £10 along with a £1 legacy donation to help Young Enterprise run these competitions. They learn many skills and experience but best of all… they get to keep all the profit!

young enterprise tenner challenge

Mrs Gerrard – Enterprise Co-ordinator – said she decided to set up the Tenner Challenge for the Year 7’s because they were the only year group that currently didn’t have a specific enterprise activity.

“I thought students would enjoy the challenge and it would allow them to develop their enterprise skills, teamwork, creativity, financial literacy, communication and much more!”

When asked “When will we find out who wins?”, Mrs Gerrard replied: “The national winner will be announced later in the year. We will be announcing a winner in school once we have the amounts all teams have made.”

I hope you went along on Monday lunchtimes to see and buy things from the stalls. Products ranged from cakes and biscuits (there is a lot of cake and biscuits) to more innovative ideas such as egg cosies, friendship bracelets and even homemade soaps.

For more information, visit www.tenner.org.uk

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