Year 8 Enterprise

Year 8 Enterprise happened on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Run by Mrs Gillibrand, Mrs Gerrard and Sarah Lee (Krizevac UK), year 8 students were taken off timetable to take part in a Social Enterprise day.

The girls watched an inspiring video by the Krizevac charity and had to design their own small business which would benefit the developing community in Malawi, Africa. The students learnt about small businesses, how to bring money back into the community and how to help end poverty in a very poor country.

When asked how she thought this would benefit students, Sarah Lee said that she wanted to show girls that a small business could make a big difference in a country such as Malawi.

One year 8 group’s idea was to set up design technology courses which would allow local people to learn skills for building furniture. These skills could then be applied by the people who take the courses to set up their own businesses and earn their own living.

Link to Video:

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