AGGS Mock Elections

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A week before the real elections, we decided to hold our very own mock elections to give younger pupils the opportunity to vote and see who would have been AGGS’ prime minister!

The day before voting commenced, Mrs Bowyer grilled the candidates in the Leader’s Debate, which was open for the whole school to see.  We interviewed a candidate to see how she felt speaking in the spotlight…

Phoebe in Year 11 was the candidate for the Labour party and she said: “It was stressful because the competition were dealing well with the questions, but once I got up there it was actually fun and I enjoyed it. Mrs Bowyer was kind and helped a lot. On a scale from one to Jeremy Paxman, she was a 7!”

Phoebe and the rest of the Labour party went on to win the first ever AGGS mock election. Congratulations to Labour!


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