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As part of the Word Book Day celebration, we held our first ever Shelfie competition which involved thirty eight willing teachers sending in photos of their book shelves.
The aim of the competition was very simple. Pupils had to guess which bookshelf belonged to which teacher! However it was not as easy as it seemed…

The competition received massive interest from both students (mainly sixth formers) and teachers; who even requested that the board get moved down to the staffroom so they could all join in in the fun! Due to the popularity Mrs Gane was made to add a few extra days!

Some of the entries from staff were staged to make it easier, however the majority were  how the bookshelves are normally. As the competition was proving quite hard, Mrs Gane added a few clues to help pupils identify the bookshelves.

There were two prizes available for the participants.
The first prize (a giant chocolate bunny) was for the person who managed to get the most correct answers. However there was a second prize (a smaller chocolate bunny) for the person who had the best ending to the following sentence; ‘I love reading because…’

The first prize went to a group of year 13s called Issy, Amy and Abbie who managed to get 32 correct answers out of 38!

The second prize went to Emily in year 10, whose winning caption was: “I love reading…because in a book you can escape reality and go on adventures you’d never dreamed of.”

Shelfie was a great success and we hope to do it again next year. There were some unexpected surprises but it goes to show- don’t judge a person by their bookshelf!




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