BrightLine come to AGGS!

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Throughout this week, the Christian band BrightLine have been coming into assemblies performing their songs and inspiring people with their stories.

The band consisted of four members:

  • Daniel– beat-boxer and plays keys and helps out with whatever needs to be done
  • Joe– Plays the drums
  • Jacob– Plays the guitar, acoustic and electric and do backing vocals
  • Katrina– Lead singer (unfortunately, she was absent for the assemblies)

We interviewed them to find out more about their band…

How are you finding this school?
Daniel: Cool! I love it, love it! You guys are really welcoming people, we get girls coming up to us saying how much they’ve enjoyed the assemblies- just really welcoming making us feel at ease and like we’re part of the family. I like it a lot.

How did you guys meet and why did you decide to form a band?Joe:  So we work for a Christian charity called the Message Trust, and a few years ago we went on their training gear in youth work and telling people about our faith so we all met and became really good friends on the course. At the end of the year they asked if we wanted to stay on and form a band and so we said yes- and have been doing it for a year and a half now!

Was there anyone who inspired you or supported you throughout it?
Jacob: There were lots of people who inspired us as a band. So we work for a charity and they obviously inspired and supported us, as well as many individuals. One of the people who inspired me was my dad who inspired me to become a musician. He used to lead worship in church when I was younger and I still look up to him.
Joe: For me, the place we work for has loads of different bands so they were an inspiration to me, to do what they were doing as well as people around me in Church who mentored me along the way.
Daniel:  Not to dissimilar to me either! Just friends and family, with my dad being the biggest bridge for me. Also without sounding cheesy or cliché, Jesus is a big inspiration for me to do what I do. He’s the whole motive and reason behind why I do this.

Is there a story behind your name?
Jacob: Cutting it short, we were given a task to write a name-
Daniel: We had a week. No pressure.
Jacob: A week! And we came up with some names, really bad ones like Daniel and the Lions and Katrina and the boys- they didn’t get accepted! So we had come up with lots of different ones and it came to the point where we were looking through the dictionary, just typing in words on the iPad. Underneath the word we were typing came in the name bright line. And we thought it sounded really cool, so we clicked on it and it means ‘set the basic standard’. As Christians the basic standard is God’s love, to love God and love people and share that message with the people we meet.

What would you say one of your biggest achievements is as a band/individually ?
Joe: Well one of them would be that we just released our first EP, ‘Above the noise’ so we’re pretty excited about that, that’s taken us about a year to get it together, write the songs and record so we’re really happy to get that out there.
Daniel: We have a really big gig happening in May called ‘Big Church Day Out’, which will have about 40,000 people being at the festival which is a big deal for us, and is actually quite humbling that we get to do stuff like that. But to go into schools, around the country- we’ve even had the privilege of going into Norway schools as well and potentially do some stuff in Europe. As a band, which has only been going for a year and a bit and having so many things like that happening is humbling as well as exciting.
Jacob: I actually got engaged last March, and getting married in May so that’s a very big achievement for me!

Do you have a favourite song of yours and why?
Joe: My favourite song is ‘I saw you’, which is on our new EP. That’s my favourite; I really like it and its Katrine’s personal story so it’s also very powerful.
Jacob: I might agree! It’s either between that one or another song called ‘Turn your voice up’ which we have a music video for on YouTube.
Daniel: Yeah, I really like ‘I saw you’, musically and lyrically. I think it’s really powerful and loads of people can actually relate to it. It shows how God can be there for you, that’s why it means so much to us and because it’s such a personal thing for Katrine as well. So many people struggle with the concept that they’re by themselves but actually, God can be where you need him to be.

Do you have any final words of advice for AGGS pupils?
Be the best that you can be. Don’t try to be someone else- your social background, your grades, your profession; those things don’t define you as a person. There’s a purpose and a destiny for your life and we believe as Christians, God has planned a destiny for you so just be the best you that you can be!

Thank you BrightLine for coming into school and giving up their time to talk to us!

Check out their music video for the catchy song ‘Turn your voice up’ here!

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