AGGS Does…The Weakest Link

For the first time ever AGGS hosted The Weakest Link! In a bid to raise money, Ecuador Team C organised a charity event involving multiple teachers (some of whom did not turn up…). Before the event started, we interviewed some of the contestants…

Interviewer: How are you feeling?

Miss Devlin: “Apprehensive, disorientated, discombobulated!” She also contemplated voting off herself!

Mrs Hulme: “I’m incredibly nervous, I can’t remember the rules! I’m gonna say bank every time,”

Mrs Clark: “I am dreading it!”

After this enthusiastic start from the teachers, Ros from Year 12 (i.e. Anne Robinson) started Round One by a small introduction of each teacher. They all said their specialist subjects were the subjects they teach except for Mrs Clark, who stated: “My name is Mrs Clark and my specialist subject is Game of Thrones”

The round continued with various general knowledge questions, which the teachers (kind of) coped well with. After 90 seconds the time to vote came about and it was revealed that Miss Dev was the strongest link (much to her surprise!). The voting was heated as there was a draw between Miss Dodd and Mr Wilkinson. In the end, Mrs Clark made the crucial decision to vote off Mr Wilko with the words “because we live in a patriarchy”. Therefore Mr Wilkinson was the first weakest link…


And the first Weakest Link is…


Miss Dodd feels guilty for voting Mr Wilkinson









Round two began, ironically, with Mrs Devlin getting an English question incorrect! The next weakest link was Mrs Hulme who was, in her words, “robbed” as the English and Drama department wanted to abolish the other departments.


Mrs Hulme leaves in style!


Mrs Hulme is the second teacher to take the walk of shame..









In round three, we said goodbye to Miss Dodd, who came to the realisation that she had no chance against ‘Team English’ and thus, voted herself off.


Miss Dodd takes her eyes off the prize as she votes herself off!

In round four, the finale, Mrs Clark and Miss Dev went head to head as they battled for victory. After five gruelling questions, the score was a draw leading to the SUDDEN DEATH round. Tensions were high and Miss Devlin started to feel the pressure. This led to her narrow defeat making Mrs Clark the strongest link.


Miss Devlin is reluctant to leave…


And the final teacher to take the walk of shame is…









Mrs Clark received the prize of a pot of (chocolate) gold, which she kindly shared with the weakest links.

Overall, the event was hugely successful, and the audience as well as the contestants enjoyed themselves immensely!


Miss Devlin (clearly) enjoying herself

Thanks to Ecuador Team C for organising the event, and to the audience and contestants for participating!

We would like to give an extra thanks to Miss Dodd and Mr Wilkinson for stepping in at short notice and to Ros Pearson for hosting the event.

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