Creative Writing Success – IMAGINE! and Unsolved


Our students may have spent the spring term locked-down but their imagination roamed free. Several students submitted entries to the poetry competition ‘Imagine’ by responding to the challenge of writing thought provoking poetry. Yazhini, Lauren, Anna and Anika in Year 7, Aisha in Year 8, and Abi in Year 10 have all had their poems selected for publication. Yazhini and Aisha drew inspiration from their favourite novels in their poems Imagine If I Were In A Book and If Only Books Were Real, while Anna reimagined Alfred Noyes’ romantic ballad The Highwayman as The Highwaywoman. Anika explored big ideas in her poem Equality vs Fairness whereas Lauren asked the question What If The World Were To End Tomorrow? Last but not least, Abi’s poem Illusion juxtaposed apparently carefree thoughts with serious commentary on society.


Additionally, Abi entered the writing competition Unsolved, which tasked students with writing a mini saga in 100 words inspired by the crime and mystery genre; Abi’s entry Blood Burns has been selected for publication. Also enjoying publication success is Abigail in Year 7 for her Unsolved saga.

Congratulations to all of our published students!

See their work below:

Highway Woman by Anna
Blood Burns by Abigail
Unsolved by Abi
What If The World Were To End Tomorrow? by Lauren M
Equality Vs Fairness by Anika K
Imagine If I Were In A Book by Yazhini R
Imagine by Aisha A
Talent for Writing Certificate