Language Leaders

The language leaders course has been running all year once a week for a group of about 40 Y10 students:

This year we have been very busy at language leaders. It has been an engaging course, allowing us to explore and enhance our skills of presenting and teaching, whilst using the languages we are studying at GCSE. On Wednesday 10th July, we taught groups of Year 7s some pets in the languages they aren’t learning, and overall it has been a great success. We were able to practise the skills we have learnt in an authentic situation, such as communicating clearly, for example, and we used different methods and games to help us, including splat and Pictionary. It was a challenge, since the Year 7 pupils may have never come across or experienced the language before, but we were confident, and the sessions went smoothly. Other events have included judging the Year 8 Eurovision competition and supporting the Year 8 Maths/MFL Roadshow, and we look forward to what the new academic year has to offer.

Written by Annabelle F