Grand Designs to Celebrate Altrincham Competition

Three of our Year 7 students have been shortlisted for their entries to the Altrincham Messenger competition, building a model to show what they love about the town.

Their entries will be on display in Altrincham library for a week from 28th May. If you are around over half term, please take a look and vote for your favorite!

The students have designed and created their models independently using a variety of manufacturing methods including CAD/CAM. Here is what the students said about the designs that they have created:

Isabel H and Chloe B (Altrincham Market Hall)
‘We see the market as an iconic building in Altrincham and a focal point of the town where many people meet. The main frame is made out of plywood and some of the windows are made out of clear acrylic but we then found out of that pvc worked better so some are made out of pvc. We also added strip lights to give it the real effect that Altrincham market deserves.’

Priya J (Altrincham clock tower)
‘I have chosen to create my model of Altrincham clock tower because to me it represents the perfect mix of history in Altrincham and gives inspiration to people who look at it’

See more information about the competition on the link below: