ERASMUS Plus Project

ERASMUS Plus Project
We are coming to the end of an exciting three-year project which has linked AGGS with schools France, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Latvia. Students in Years 11 and 12 have had the opportunity to participate in the work of this project and to travel to Latvia, Spain and Denmark to take part in project meetings with students and teachers from the other schools. Our project was called Facebook or face-to-face? We looked at the positive and negative effects of technology on our lives today – for example, great advances have been made in medicine (obviously a positive) but the increase of sophisticated arms has led to a large number of people being forced to leave their homes (negative).

ERASMUS Project - Facebook or Face to face? Logo
Facebook or Face to face?

This is the logo for our project. It was designed by one of the participating students and shows famous landmarks from each of our six countries.

Through the project, AGGS students have made friends from many countries in Europe and have had the opportunity to visit interesting places and to practise their language skills.

You can see the results of the project on our website :