Food Tech this term

We continue to have another great year in food and have enjoyed making many delicious dishes over the past few weeks. The year 9 students have completed their key stage 3 curriculum with a project on street food where they worked independently to produce a street food dish of their choice. We have rounded off the AGGS Bake Off competition with our party, eating pizza and watching the film created by our students digital leaders together.

The year 10 students have spent a lesson with a local butcher learning how to portion a chicken and some have been attending Trafford College on a Saturday morning to learn new practical skills. The year 8 students have been making their own pasta and the year 7 students have been practicing piping with mash potato! I would like to congratulate year 11 on completing their non examined assessments and wish them lots of luck in their forth coming examinations.

Mrs. Clutton