Let’s Talk Youth Conference 2018 Report


Citizenship_Lets-Talk-Youth-Conference-2018-13Earlier this week on Thursday, 7 AGGS students from years 7-10 were invited to attend the annual Let’s Talk Youth Conference held by Trafford’s Youth Cabinet. The gathering was jammed packed full of talks from members of Trafford’s Youth Cabinet and also local councillors, workshops including safety in Trafford, refugees and spending of the local council and also a creative and fun activity where each school has to make their own local political party and present it in front of a panel of judges.

Citizenship_Lets-Talk-Youth-Conference-2018-10As a pupil, I felt very honoured to have my opinions and issues raised to the people who can really make a difference in my community, such as councillor Andrew Western, which is the current leader of Trafford Council since May. Mr Western also presented a speech, to the many schools that attended, addressing issues affecting school communities in Trafford. Hot topics such as transport for daily commuters, crime, such as knife crime and the environment were just a few things he mentioned that day.

Citizenship_Lets-Talk-Youth-Conference-2018-1In the first half of the day, we did a variety of workshops, led by members of Trafford’s Youth Cabinet. The four workshops included spending of the Trafford Council, Safety in Trafford, Pastoral Care and lastly, Refugees. Altogether my favourite station was the one about safety in Trafford because it really opened up my eyes to the current problems and crime that has been going on in Trafford, that I didn’t notice until they were brought to my attention and also how I can make sure I am safe when out and about. Some of the other workshops included how to act in a situation where your friend is in a nervous state and questions about what refugees meant to us.

Citizenship_Lets-Talk-Youth-Conference-2018-4Overall, as I group, we really learned a lot of new skills and also we were given the opportunity to raise issues about living and going to school in Trafford. Activities like creating our own local political parties and coming up with issues for our manifesto, give us as students a little taste into the life a political or a councillor. Trafford’s Youth Cabinet, the organisation that set up the event, were an extremely welcoming and kind bunch; and hopefully, I to could go along to one of their weekly meetings and widen my knowledge that little bit more about key matters in politics. The event is held annually so I hope to see more keen pupils coming along and attending the conference next year.

Written By Ayla M

See below photos from the day:

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