Summer reading challenge success

Summer-reading-challenge-successA huge congratulations to all the participants who took part in AGGS first ever Summer Reading Challenge, reading over 150 between them all!

Summer was obviously more than a little light reading in a deck chair, those who dared to take part in the challenge read (on average) 21 books each. Obviously the students’ hard work of six weeks of page turning novels- spanning from Pride & Prejudice to Dork Diaries- will not be wasted in the slightest. Summer Reading Challenge participants get to have their share in a whopping £100 worth of books for the school library (and no, I didn’t just add some zero’s).

Runner Up’s get the choice of one book to contribute to the library, each book contributed will have the name of the hard- working participants who chose, and earned, it.

Kushi 8-6
Preesha 8-6
Symal 9-6

Now… the 3 lucky winner’s (each for a different category) with the choice of 5 whole books each!

Amira 9-3: most books read
Myrtle 8-4: most enthusiasm
Aisha 9-1: most detailed form description

Written by Anisha M