November Book of the Month


Leigh Bardugo is a storyteller, I think that is the best way to put it. It isn’t necessarily the words she uses which capture you- although they do- I think it’s more the way she pieces her stories together. She feeds you miniscule pieces of information, and so you never know the whole story- character backgrounds, Kaz’s (one of the main characters) actual plan etc., until the very, very end. In fact, I think Leigh Bardugo is just as cunning as Kaz.

Six of Crows introduces us to the Dregs, a gang which until recently wasn’t doing well in the Barrel (the less pleasant part of Ketterdam.) Then came along Kaz Brekker, who climbed his way up the ladder and made something of the Dregs, and by doing so acquired himself the name of Dirtyhands, because he would do any job, which is where Six of Crows effectively begins, because Kaz would even kidnap a scientist locked in a cell in an extremely secure military stronghold- the Ice Court. Risks of failure are high- but for Kaz and the crew he assembles (our other main characters- Inej, Wylan, Jesper, Nina and Matthias) the thought of thirty million kruge is enough to save them from being swayed by death, and they are ready to risk it all (well maybe not everything ((cough) Kaz), but for more on that I guess you’ll just have to read it.)

The whole book itself is sly, the plot twists and loops more than the Smiler, everything about it is exhilarating. Leigh Bardugo has spun a tale whose like the world has not yet been blessed with. I wish the series were longer (it’s a duology, both books available at the library), but we’ll have to make do with King of Scars.

Other titles by this author (in the library): The Shadow and Bone Trilogy.

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Written by Annabelle F (10-3)