GCSE Citizenship trip to Sale Town Hall to spectate a Citizenship Ceremony

Citizenship trip to Sale Town Hall, October 2018

On the morning of Tuesday 9th of October, Year 10 GCSE Citizenship Class 1 took a trip to Sale Town Hall to spectate a Citizenship Ceremony. Because we are currently studying immigration and multiculturalism, it was very interesting to see immigrants be welcomed into the country as British citizens.

After travelling from school by tram, we were kindly greeted by Mayor Tom Ross, who answered our questions on Trafford borough, mayoral duties and British citizenship. We were also introduced to Deputy Lieutenant Mark Adlestone, who was there on behalf of the queen to warmly welcome the new British Citizens.

We were told the ceremony was about to start, so Mayor Ross put on his mayoral chain and the 14 of us quietly followed him into the room. The Mayor made a short speech, and we learnt that the people becoming British citizens that day were from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland and the UAE. After this all of the new British citizens had to pledge their loyalty to the British law and their respect for our country.

Citizenship trip to Sale Town Hall, October 2018Our class had made 14 British Flags, with the Union Jack on one side and a greeting on the other. Izzy T, a member of our class, stood with the Mayor and Deputy Lieutenant to hand out the flags to the new citizens. All of the 16 new citizens names were called out and they each received a certificate, flag and gift from the queen. After everybody’s name had been called and applauded we all stood and, to our slight alarm, sang the national anthem; however, having seen the smiling faces of the new British citizens it was much easier to connect with the song’s patriotism.

After Mayor Ross had taken a few selfies, we left Sale Town Hall to go back to school. After seeing the variety of people who had come from all over the world to live in Trafford, it gave us a new and more personal perspective on immigration and British citizenship and helped us to see the multiculturalism all around us in Greater Manchester.

Written by Freya G, 10-4.