MUN Success, October 2018

MUN Success October 2018On the weekend of the 6th and 7th October, AGGS brought our MUN team to the Model United Nations conference at Cheadle Hulme, representing DR Congo and Kazakhstan: MUNCH. Schools from all over the country were present and there was a special welcome to the delegation arriving all the way from Madrid.

MUNCH 2018 began with the usual flag ceremony and then delved straight into debate. Some highlights included being pranked with “SpiderMUNCH” – someone running into committee rooms dressed as Spiderman and causing general havoc amongst committees. The Special and Political committee also enjoyed raiding Security Council’s flags, though Security Council than retaliated in the form of “air strikes,” otherwise known as paper aeroplanes.

MUN-Success-October-2018-3Joke Awards were given out, with DR Congo in Science (Zesha) being awarded “Best Hijabi” and DR Congo in SpecPol (Safa) being awarded, for some reason, “Most Likely to Become a Meme,” as well as “Best Acronymmer” with quality acronyms including GOTOJAILGODIRECTLYTOJAILDONOTPASSGO.

In GA, we were delighted to see delegates from DR Congo and Kazakhstan take the floor with a clause they submitted, which had the acronym OUTOFTHEUNIVERSE. Whilst nothing was passed in General Assembly, it was still an enjoyable and eventful time.

Coming on to awards, this conference was one of the best our school has ever attended with the following awards of:

MUN-Success-October-2018-2Amelia G: Outstanding (Environment)
Safa A: Highly Commended (Special and Political)
Hania S: Commended (Health)
Teja S: Commended (Science)
Aisha A: Commended (Youth)
Isabella I: Commended (Security Council)
Emily R: Best Young Delegate (Special Commission on Refugees)
Hedye G: Special Mention (Special and Political)
DR Congo: 3rd best notepaper
Kazakhstan: 2nd best notepaper
Kazakhstan: Commended Delegation.
A fantastic achievement for all delegates at a really enjoyable weekend. Many thanks to our advisor Mr Humphrys for accompanying us at the conference.

Written by Safa A, Yr 12