HOCKEY v AKS, Lytham

The hockey teams had a wonderful moning’s hockey, playing against our old rivals AKA (formally Arnold School, Blackpool and Queen Mary School, Lytham).

1stX1 won 3-2

U16 X1 drew 2-2

U15x1 drew 2-2

U14X1 won 7-0

U14X1 enjoying themselves after thier win.
A more serious photo!!!!!

U13X1 won 3-0 (after being 1-0 down at half time.

U13X1 after their win.

We are having a great start to the season. Well done everyone.

The year 7 girls had their first matches for AGGS 

Team 1 won 6-1 and lost 2-0

Team 2 won 4-1 and also lost 2-0

Well done girls. You played some very good hockey. The future looks bright with this age group.