Wimbledon 2016

It was an early start from Stockport station on Friday morning but the excitement of a day out of school meant the girls and staff were on the platform in plenty of time to catch the train.  If there were any thoughts that a two hour train journey to London was going to boring then they were quickly banished – Elysia kept the group entertained and educated with her big puzzle book, with the girls in awe of the general knowledge of Mrs Frankland and Mrs O’Neal!

On arrival at Euston station, we entrusted our lives to Christiane who ably navigated the way to Southfields station – with a little input from Anna who ensured that we didn’t have to change lines at Earl’s Court but got the direct tube tour destination.

A brisk 20 minute walk to Wimbledon was made all the more pleasant with free hand-outs – strawberries and cream, coke zero and umbrellas – and we finally arrived at the gates.wimbledon2

Once a meeting point was established the girls quickly disappeared to explore the ground – and probably to find food.  The staff had lunch on Henman Hill, watched matches on the big screen and then made our way to Court 1 for the Ladies Doubles semi-finals.  The highlight of this being the Williams sisters playing in the second match of the day. wimbledon 7

They easily defeated their opponents but weren’t quite quick enough to escape the clutches of the Alty Girls armed with big tennis balls and marker pens at the exit, waiting for autographs.  Anna, Sumayya and Tamara were delighted to get Serena’s autograph and Elysia was handed a sweaty towel by Venus!wimbledon 8

The mixed doubles followed with Britain’s top ladies seed Heather Watson in action and we managed to see some of Murray’s semi final match on the big screen on Henman Hill.wimbledon 1

After a long day we met up and headed back to the station for the long journey home.  The entertainment continued and we are now all puzzle book experts.  A fabulous day; perfect weather, good tennis and excellent company.  Thanks girls.