Gold Direct Practice weekend.

Well done to the girls who went this weekend. Kevin said the following to me;
‘The weekend went without a hitch. The girls came well prepared, with a great attitude to the teamwork necessary and the challenges. Some of them had done Bronze and probably felt that they were covering old ground but it was still important for them to brush up on these skills and prove to us that they had retained this knowledge and wouldn’t struggle on the Gold Training that comes next.
The next event is a planning day for the whole group of Gold. It is on Monday 20th June (9am to 4pm) and we will hold it a Burnage Rugby Club (tram station nearby). This will allow us to do indoor and outdoor sessions with them and a short navigation walk. We will be planning the Qualifier at that time. We will also be splitting into 2 groups. We have told the girls from this weekend, that they will have to spread themselves through the two groups. Please get them thinking about the two groups they will be in, so that they arrive with that already decided.
Their training/practice will be in North to Mid Wales. Starting in Corwen / Llangollen (train stop there). They will walk SW for 4 days with trainers. Visiting Bala and ending up in Dollgelleau.
Their Qualifier will be in the Peak District. Starting at Gradbach Scout Camp, South of Macclesfield and walking North to Disley, then Edale, then Crowden, then Diggle.’

Please put those dates in your diary. I will pass exact locations on once I receive them.