7-5 and 7-2 have arrived!

Chasing the Altrincham downpour to higher climbs, we careered through many puddles and ponds to arrive at the Glaramara centre ready to eat our lunches. What a great site the centre is, nestled amongst the browning hills of the Lake District, particularly with the magical weather sweeping up the golden leaves. 

The girls brought their sense of fearlessness and curiosity to the afternoon’s activities. Accompanied by worsening weather, the groups were sent to explore the dark mines for the Via Ferrata, to orienteer around the surrounding valley and, for the lucky few, to enjoy climbing and abseiling indoors!

Climbing the mine. 

We have just had dinner and the girls are currently being whipped up into a frenzy by trying to create a newspaper tower from which they are to roll an orange and create the longest roll. Needless to say it is very tense. There may be fisticuffs during hot chocolate!

Rolling the orange.