Wet Wednesday

The sky was lit up last night as we experienced the first thunder storm of the week. Though many slept through, a few were woken by the tumultuous sounds of thunder and the rain hammering at the Windows. By morning time however, the rain had disappeared and the sun was shining. And so, we faced the first activity of the day – yoga. Stretching and sitting aplenty, the girls participated in some traditional yoga, limbering up and preparing for the day ahead. 

After a hearty breakfast, and time to get ready for the day, we headed to the Taj Mahal. One of the most magnificent and beautiful buildings in the world, the Taj is a tomb for one of the ancient Moguls of India. Crafted in marble the monument took 22 years to complete and is a stunning work of beauty. 

Following the visit to the Taj Mahal, we had a quick stop for lunch and then headed to Agra Fort – a huge red stoned building that was the palace of the Mogul of Agra. Time was allowed for walking around and contemplation – including great opportunities for selfies. 

The final activities of the day involved more shopping – I didn’t ever think I’d get to the point where you could be fed up of shopping. But the girls enjoyed the opportunities to buy mementos and presents and spend more of their money. They are becoming very accomplished at bartaring and negotiating – haggling prices down by pounds at a time. 

Dinner was an early event this evening, and once more the rain came pouring down. At least it managed to hold off during the day and we had our glorious sunshine. It was then straight to the station to board the overnight train to Varanasi. Perhaps not quite what the girls were expecting, it was still a new experience for them – once which many don’t do until their mid twenties. Still, some team spirit and encouragement helped the girls settle into their beds and attempt to get some sleep. 

We’re due to arrive in Varanasi at 10am local time, so a long night of sleeping in a rocking bunk awaits.