School Council training

Tuesday morning the new school council reps participated in some training. This was a great opportunity for the school council groups to get together, develop some team building skills and find out how they work together as a group.

Each year group had to build a spaghetti tower using just marshmallows and spaghetti, this tower had to elevate and hold a small stress ball.


After this each group had some time on their year group focus to help improve the school and make it an even better place to learn in. These focuses serve to start the girls off and then ideas from them and their peers will be actioned as the school year progresses.


The year group starter focuses for this year are:

Yr 7: Yr 7 Pupil feedback questionnaire.

Yr 8: Fundraising idea – school council doesn’t have a budget to any ideas we have have to be fundraised for too. With some money in the pot this will be a great help to get things off the ground.

Yr 9: revamp the homework diary competition.

Yr 10: Make the Code of Conduct pupil friendly & manage the SC twitter feed.

Yr 11: Manage the pupil voice page & decide on merit trips.

All school council meetings start back after half term. See the school council page on this site for details.