Visa Applications

As previously mentioned, many of you will be considering your Visa applications. I should like to highlight the time frame for applying for Visa applications, taken from multiple sources that deal with such applications.

  • It is recommended that you apply for your Visa up to 2 months before travel. The consulate may not accept your application before this time.
  • The Visa should last for six months. Do check with the authority who prescribes the Visa on the time limit so that it is valid for our trip in October.
  • You may require the following:
    • Passport of applicant
    • Completed application from the official visa website:
    • 2 x 50x50mm photographs of the pupil
    • Copy of parents’/carers’ passport
    • Parents permission letter for them to travel to India with Altrincham Grammar school for Girls if child is under 16
    • Child’s birth certificate (parents’ names should be detailed on the birth certificate)
    • If you have been asked for anything else, please do comment on here. I have spoken to the Tour Company and they said that you should not need confirmation of my Visa/letter from me unless it is a group Visa. If this is still required, please let me know.
    • For further questions, the official number for Visa applications is: 0203 793 8629.

Hopefully, this clears some obscurity re: Visa applications. I am devising a student handbook that will be handed out shortly, once teacher details/numbers are finally confirmed. Mr Davenport.