Plenary Prefect

This week’s teaching tip is something that I found online.  There are two resources attached that you may like to adapt to work with this, you may not wish to call the girls the ‘Plenary Prefect’ but may like to simply use the idea.

  • As girls enter the room, give out the card to two girls discretely! (example card attached)
  • Tell them to read it carefully and stress that they need to pay particular attention to the learning objectives, as during the lesson they need to think of good questions to ask the rest of the class at the end of the lesson
  • As the lesson progresses keep checking on how they are getting on with their questions
  • At the end of the lesson, they lead the plenary – asking the class their questions

Something similar to the question grid attached could assist with developing the quality of the pupils questions.  This example is designed to be used to generate questions for an image but could easily be adapted.

I have thought about how it could be extended – Rather than asking questions girls could have some time to work together to design a task to set the class as a plenary or perhaps rather than a plenary they set the homework..?!

Question Grid

Plenary Prefect