Many thanks to Helen Cleary for sending two teaching tips!

See attached resource ‘American Dream’ – Pupils are on tables of four. They have one minute to write down individually (no collaboration) their definition on ‘the American dream’ and what they think this is. They then have one minute to discuss their definitions and then one minute to write their group definition in the middle box. The background pictures are on America, but these can be changed. This could be adapted for any subject area and is a really nice way to get pupils discussing viewpoints and justifying responses.

See attached resource Haxagonal Handout – This is for revision of a subject or can be used to collate research ideas. Best idea for this is to invest in hexagonal post-it notes!

Teacher supplies headings linked to a topic on hexagons. The pupils then individually write everything they know about the headings, one point per hexagonal post-it note (or they cut out the hexagons on paper) and they put these under the appropriate headings. The pupils then see if they can link some of the points up so that they can see where the themes/ideas overlap. They will find that moving one hexagon might then cause all the other hexagons to move. This really helps to clarify pupils’ understanding and can then be photographed and used for revision purposes.

American Dream Grid

Hexagon Handout