Spend a Quid

All pupils have the same number of ‘quids’ (see attached funny money, or you could use plastic counters).
Teacher decides on a number of responses to a given problem, each response is numbered and a response mat is laid on the group’s table (example attached).
Pupils decide individually how many quids they want to spend on each response (this works well if there could be more than one answer, or it could be used for a response where the group have to judge the quality using an assessment criteria).

Each pupil has to verbally justify why they chose to spend them that way.
The group counts the number of chips to determine which option won.
At this point a spokesperson from each group could then summarise why the group chose that particular response.
Each pupil could also have different coloured quids or counters so that the teacher can monitor each pupils’ understanding.


Spend A Quid Funny Money

Spend A Quid Options Table