Share it with Bunting

This week’s teaching tip is a novel way to share a group’s ideas on a topic, or to display a ranking activity so that the whole class can see it.

1. Provide the class with a card sorting activity.

2. Encourage the pupils to discuss their ideas in their group and come to a consensus on the order, in their opinion.

3. The pupils should then attach their ranked order to a piece of string to create bunting. (You could supply the pupils with pegs and string, or pre-punch holes in cards and attach them to the string)

4. Pupils display their bunting for the rest of the class who can then easily visualise another group’s thoughts. Deeper questioning can follow, or the addition of a Kagan technique such as “Stay or stray” can be added to promote further thinking.

5. The bunting can be kept and used in the next lesson, either as an aide-memoir, or as a mini plenary to enable the pupils to build or reflect on their initial thinking.



In Geography, this was used to rank different countries. It could be used to rank opinions, order events chronologically, or numbers in a pattern (perhaps they would choose these from a wider pool of numbers).


Thank you to Lisa James in the Geography Department for this tip. I hope to send a picture of this shortly.